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Trefoil Guild
Fellowship Patrol
Le Cheile

The Fellowship of Irish Guides and Scouts (FIGS) is a member organisation of the International Scout and Guide Fellowship (ISGF).

FIGS is comprised of Irish Trefoil Guild (Irish Girl Guides), Fellowship Patrols (Scouting Ireland) and Le Cheile (Catholic Guides of Ireland). The constitution gives the more details of the running of the organisation.Click here to view the Constitution in PDF format.


FIGS is run by a committee with representatives of the three Guiding and Scouting organisations in Ireland, elected at the Annual General Meeting.


Twinning is a practical way for members to be involved internationally. The principle of twinning is to establish contact between members of the International Fellowship in different parts of the world.

For full details and arrangements visit www.isgf.org.